Cup Washers


Wherever you find critical electrical connections, you are likely to find K&H solderless connectors. This product line has been available since 1937 and these parts are still widely used today. K&H solderless connectors are suitable for all applications including cryogenics, elevated temperatures, and oceanic environments. They are manufactured from ETP copper and then nickel plated to ensure high conductance and prevent costly oxidation. Parts are also available in brass or steel, and can be plated to your specifications.

K&H cup washers can be used anywhere a flat washer would be used to improve performance, especially in areas of high vibration or thermal cycling. These connectors are essential where maximum conductor contact is required.

K&H folding connectors are designed as a one-piece construction to give a clean appearance and provide maximum contact. The fold-over design is easy to apply, and no special tool is needed. When closed, it forms a full length contact over all of the wire. When connected, the construction provides a vibration proof bond, similar to a lock nut. K&H folding connectors are suitable for use in washing machines, dryers, coal mining machines, conveyors, switches, electrical distribution systems, high temperature furnaces, kilns, generators, automotive and ocean vessel applications.

McMaster Carr Part Numbers: 93720A011, 93720A015, 93720A020, 93720A030, 93720A025, 93720A035.

Manufactured 100% in the USA.

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