Turn Buttons


These multi-faceted fasteners are used across many applications and have been in service for almost 100 years.

They are used in fastening and unfastening fabrics to a fixed position in a quick, secure, and decorative fashion. In the early years, turn buttons were utilized on Model T Fords and many other now-antique automobiles. A current common application is fastening side curtains on sailboats, motor boats and sport utility vehicles. They are also commonly found on camping equipment to secure canvas sides on tents and travel trailers. Whether present on apparel, furniture, vehicles, or naval vessels, the configurations of the base allow versatility for virtually every need. Prongs on the base of the #40 turn button attach to fabrics. #49 and #50 exhibit the metal stud configuration though which a screw can fasten the turn button onto any material. Part # 45, #46, #47 and #48 can be equipped with a machine screw, sheet metal screw, or wood screw back to allow easy and direct attachment to wood, metal, plastic, or fiber glass. The screw can be custom made in any size requested. The part #42 and #43 are configured to be held in place by two screws through the base. The parts are 100% brass, with the exception of the optional screw, in order to protect against corrosion and assure a long service life. All of these components have either a bright electroplated Nickel finish or a black oxide finish. All fasteners are available can accept one or two curtain thicknesses for quick and easy convenience. The fabric eyelet, part number 150, is also available to complete the assembly.

McMaster Carr Part Numbers: 95678A678, 95678A671, 95678A674.

Manufactured 100% in the USA.

PDF IconTurn Buttons Product Spec Sheet (PDF)