Multi-Slide & Four Slides


The multi-slide and four-slide metal stamping processes can achieve multiple bends in a single operation.  The forming stroke acts on four independent axis and are controlled by cams rather than the single axis found in the conventional stamping process. Utilization of these methods significantly reduce die costs, material costs, die design, and die production time. On average, there is a 63% reduction from concept to production. This process also allows us to make minor adjustments to tooling on the fly to compensate for variances in material properties from different heats or lots.

Examples of the types of products we have manufactured with this process are:

  • Flat Springs
  • Bent Springs
  • Wiring Harness Retainers
  • Retention Clips
  • Speed Nuts
  • Metal Contacts
  • Battery Contacts
  • Electrical Contacts and Components

Manufactured 100% in the USA.