Hose Clamps


K&H hose clamps are designed to secure tubing and pipe ranging in diameters from 1/8” (.125) to 1 7/16” (1.4375) in 1/16” (.0625) increments.

Clamps are produced in four material types:

  • Zinc Plated Steel
  • Aluminum
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Fastener Hole Diameter Sizes:

  • .173”
  • .199”
  • .250”
  • Can also be manufactured with a Screw Thread Form if necessary.


  • K&H Hose clamps can also be customized with a soft cushioned Plastisol Dip coating for vibration dampening and added gripping strength.
  • Clamps to secure tubing up to 11/16” (.6875) in diameter are 3/8” (.375) wide.
  • Clamps for tubing larger than 11/16” (.6875) in diameter are 1/2” (.500) wide.

Clamps can also be made to custom specifications.

McMaster Carr Part Numbers:
Galvanized Steel: 8863T31, 8863T32, 8863T1, 8863T33, 8863T2, 8863T34, 8863T3, 8863T35, 8863T4, 8863T36, 8863T5
Aluminum: 8863T51, 8863T52, 8863T53, 8863T54, 8863T55, 8863T56
Stainless Steel: 8863T64, 8863T65, 8863T66, 8863T67, 8863T68, 8863T69

Manufactured 100% in the USA.

PDF IconHose Clamps Product Spec Sheet (PDF)